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Celebrity Luxury Lifestyle Vacations In Miami

celebrity luxury lifestyles

Lifestyles of Vacations in Miami During the high-season, a luxurious vacation with all the “perks” in Miami can cost upwards of $200,000. This is also depending on how exotic you want your vacation. The sun washed streets of Miami are…

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The Top Communities in Miami!

top communities in miami

Miami Sub Communities Like every major city in America, Miami is rife with subcommunities. While some of these subcommunities are simply residential areas spread over a large area, several amazing subcommunities will let you have a richer experience for your…

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The Founding of Miami and More!

founding of miami

July 28th Today is the day that Miami was officially founded as a city. Initially, Henry Flagler, the founder of the city, was the person who was going to be named after. But Flagler insisted that the city is named…

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Exploring Florida from Miami Road Trips!

exploring florida

Miami is Great Don’t get us wrong, Miami is the greatest place in America, there’s a reason why we live here and try to get people to come here. Once you experience Miami, it becomes one of the most fun…

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