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New Years Eve Food Ideas

new years eve food

Are you throwing a New Years Eve Party?

Congratulations on taking the foray into hosting parties in New Years, you’ll find it to be one of the most provocative and entertaining experiences of your life. a

new years food ideas
However, despite the decor and the guest list and the themes, the food is arguably the most important aspect of an amazing NYE party.

Our Top Five New Years Eve Food Ideas!

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Spinach Artichoke is a timeless classic for anyone who wants to hunt and peck for food ideas. Partner it with any choice of flat bread or club crackers, and you’ve found yourself a winner!

Cheese Blintz

Cheeze blintzes are hot and soft and ideal for anyone who is looking for a gaudy choice for dinner. Just filling enough to count as an entree and just plentiful enough to be a snack.

Chai Coffee Cake

For the neophytes, you might consider just putting out some foods for people to stuff their faces with. But a smart and sophisticated party-goer knows that any party that proceeds unto midnight will require coffee and supplementing their choice with a cake will earn their trust forever.
nye party food


Additionally, the list is lacking something with filling and a ton of carbs to prevent any unwanted headaches. Scrambles are a great way to feed many people familiar food. We recommend doing scrambles with a little bit of bread stuffing, spinach, and mushrooms. This will keep everyone full.


Finally, every New Years will require a lot of cocktails. Keep a large blender going with Bellinis; fruit is entirely up to you (we recommend peach;) Bellinis are festive and a nice preparation for the Champagne. Make sure you cut it with a lot of ice to prevent headaches.

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