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What to do in Miami over Summer Break?

What to do in Miami over Summer Break?

Summer break is coming up in Miami, and if you don’t have a detailed guide of what to do during your stay, you could end up just spending your vacation in our lovely vacation rentals (no problem for us!)

But to help you with your vacation, we created this handy guide on what to do over your summer break, enjoy!

The Nine Things to do over Summer Break

Summer BreakGo to the Beach – Miami has 3 of the top ten beaches in the world, you better go to each one of them!

See a Movie – Beat the heat by staying inside and watching some of the upcoming blockbusters like Guardians of The Galaxy and Spider-man!

Go Clubbing – Miami isn’t just hot outside, it has some of the hottest clubs in the world, and you should experience every one.

See a Concert – There are so many crazy good events coming to South Florida, between small venues at Revolution and big concerts at the American Airlines Arena.

Go to a Party – There are several parties always going around in Miami, it’s practically party city, get you some!

Check out Calle Ocho – Calle Ocho isn’t just a set of lines that Pitbull likes to say, it’s an amazing place in Miami. Dale!

Go Kart Racing – Compete against locals or your local friends in a game of indoor kart racing!

activities in MiamiFire some Guns – This has made it on both of our previous lists, it is incredibly fun firing a fifty cal machine gun at nothing!

Check out Biscayne Bay – Biscayne Bay is one of the best sites to see in South Florida, go shopping or see a concert!

Play some Sports – There are tons of sports and pick up games being played all around Miami, get your feet wet!

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