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What to Look for in a Vacation Rental in Miami

vacation rental in miami

Are you looking for a Vacation Rental?

If you are looking to have a vacation in Miami, then you will need a vacation rental to get the most out of your time here! But how will you choose the best rental in Miami?

With Royal Stays we are constantly working to provide the best vacation rentals in Miami, but if you are looking for alternatives, these are our deciding factors when looking for places outside of Florida.
Vacation Rental

Our Top Three Factors


How big is the rental going to be? It needs to be a decent size to be properly enjoyed. While I can settle for a smaller place if the other two factors are that much more worth it, but this is usually something where I need to at least be able to stretch my arms and not stub my toes.


How is the view? When I want to take in another city, I want a big vista or a small neighborhood. I want to either see all of the city or a dark corner that goes unnoticed. Whatever can give me a more authentic look at where I change my decision.


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Finally, it’s got to be close to something. It doesn’t have to revolve around some mega-attraction, but there has to be something that you can base your entire trip around as well as have that place that you can be lost and come back to. I was recently in Denver, and I was close to both the Fillmore and Colfax Ave, this made me have that freedom of exploration while never being truly lost.

Royal Stays

Royal Stays Miami is the leading Vacation Rentals operator in Miami, FL. We currently manage properties in Miami Beach and Brickell. We offer our guest’s fully furnished apartments that include all linens, towels, complimentary wifi and all amenities at the different buildings we operate out of. Whether you are looking for super luxurious or something affordable, Royal Stays Miami is the place to find your perfect vacation getaway.

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